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Look at all the pretty sites of downtown and South Philadelphia, my hometown, it’s no wonder I can barely get any posts up since this city’s so involved.  It’s a miracle I was able to get 16 miles of running and mindful eating in for 2 out of 3 days.  So in a wholehearted way, Lauren Conrad’s pieces over the last 2 days tie into what I’m doing to stay fit.

Benefits of Take-Out Removal

Monday,’s Rachel Rosenbloom discussed how no longer relying on ordering out food helped her in big ways.  For example, Rachel was able to improve her budget, be more picky about the food she bought at the store, managed her time more effectively to cook her own meals, learned to cook healthy, and make time for exercise.  Once you really get into the zone of this, you can master a better body down to a science.

Park Bench Workout

As you eliminate take-out food from your life, shape up with a workout that’s as beneficial as going to the gym with trainer, Dr. Hunter Vincent.  In 3 sets of 15 or 20, and for 45 seconds even, you can do step ups with knee drive, ploy jumps, single leg sit to stands, high knee runs, triceps kickouts, plank climbs, and side plank holds plus knee drives.  From the looks of these, you’ll be sore in a day or two.

Exotic Fruits of the Summer 

Before and after your runs, try out some wild fruits found in Lauren’s Tuesday Ten.  The list includes jackfruit, prickly pear, cherimoya, mangosteen, dragon fruit via pitaya, lychee, passion fruit, durian, cucamelon, and loquat.  All fruits possess their own sweet goodness sharing an abundance of benefits attached to it.

Sweet Tacos

If you want a successful diet, you have to have a cheat meal or drink to maintain your sanity.  For instance, Lauren’s recipe box is filled with churro double decker dessert tacos fits perfectly in that moment of a well-planned cheat meal which involves cookies made from scratch as it sandwiches Nutella and dulce de leche in-between that almost make the cheat meal a full-day or daily event.  Lauren also gets help from resident baker, Lauren Lowstan to put this recipe together.

Daniel Quintanilla 

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