Lauren Conrad’s advice on bad social media 

The War Online

You can find anybody you know, or don’t know on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram especially, and beautiful things can happen from there.  However, those same platforms can create enemies out of total strangers, and even close friends.  Lauren Conrad’s advice today brings to light what to do if dealing with strangers and close friends who being negativity on social media.  

Attacks from people you don’t know are often the easiest to deal with, all you have to do is practice self-control and not get involved in the war a stranger creates in your world so you’re followers don’t do the same.  Simply un-friend that follower from your social media page, and even go as far as blocking them from your site all together as it will end their power to attack you.

Now with close friends, the first thing you must do is meet up with them not in a text, not in an email, but live in person so you can find out why your friend said what they said about you over your social media.  This gets to the root of the problem quickly and in a timely fashion than letting it go on and on for all of the world to see.

Getting Rid of Scars

Now social media can’t scar you physically, but injuries for any number of reason can leave you with a scar for good on your skin.  The home remedy way of dealing with scars according to Lauren Conrad are with lemon juice to clean the affected area, coconut oil 2-3 times a day to help heal the scar and fade it away, and rosehip seed oil to give the affected area plenty of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants so area gets stronger and heels quicker.  Now if it’s a much deeper scar, then you need a doctor or a dermatologist to give you antibiotics, and strong creams to help heal that would in the most effective way without harm.

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