Lauren Conrad knowledges us on laser hair removal 

Lasers Are Not All Bad (neither are my legs)

Trust me, no light sabers were used in the telling of this piece, but Lauren Conrad today did teach 5 things we didn’t know about laser hair removal which could’ve made us inquire about the procedure much earlier.

First, laser hair removal is not that expensive like it was in the 90’s when it first came out, you can get a producer doe as low as $60.  Compared to waxing, laser hair removal only hurts 50% as much as waxing.  Next, the process only takes up to 10 minutes if you’re not treating the whole leg, but gets less and less as you go along because hair follicles get killed over time.  Also, there’s a laser hair removal place every time you turn around, eliminating the wonder of where the place is.  And laser is more effective for those with thick hair growing, those on the thin side take longer.

Birthday Cake Croissants 

If you’re not big on a lot of birthday cake, today’s edible obsession introduced us to the birthday cake croissant, with a little help from Claire Thomas from The Kitchy Kitchen.  All you need is croissant dough, buttercream (or your favorite) frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and one egg beaten to follow some simple instructions making the best birthday breakfast treat you could have to celebrate another year of life.

Daniel Quintanilla 

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