Lauren Conrad celebrates Woman’s Equality Day

96 Years In The Making

Lauren Conrad today took note of the 96 anniversary where a woman was granted the right to vote through the 19th amendment, paving the way for many courageous women like Susan B. Anthony and Ida B. Wells on this Woman’s Equality Day.  Lauren also used the opportunity to promote The Little Market where artisan women around the world get the opportunity to make money selling their products so they can support and take care of their families without having to get multiple jobs or live in poverty.

Chic Of The Week: Trendy Tunics

Meet Haley, who’s chic involves tunics eclipsing the downside of a go-to T-Shirt which makes you look frumpy at work or at the bar.  This time, Haley’s oversized tunic are long enough to be celebrated as a sundress that is a bohemian oversized tunic from Free People paired with sunglasses, jewelry, and an off-white bucket handbag.  Haley says her tunic is so versatile that you can pair it with shorts for summer, skirts in early fall, and skinnies in fall and winter.

Friday Favorites 8/25/16

Lauren Conrad’s favorite things this week are coconut salt scrubs from 100 Layer Cake, embroidered dresses from Needle & Thread, and passion fruit lime spritzers from The Kitchy Kitchen.  

Daniel Quintanilla 

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