Lauren Conrad’s small talk success

Mastering chat to succeed 

We’ve all been there, going to alumni events or fashion PR functions not only having a good time, but talking with other people about what we do, breaking the ice, and handing out business cards for potential work in the future.  Lauren Conrad sheds light on making successful small talk today with 5 ways for you to be comfortable with entering conversations and keeping them going for some time.

Begin with mental preparation about walking into a crowded room with ways of introducing yourself starting with a firm handshake, eye contact, and being polite.  Next, ask a whole bunch of open-ended questions initialized by simple things like favorite foods, music, pop culture, etc.; before you get to the nitty gritty.  Research is also key if you’re biggest goals are to chat with the CEO of the company at a business party or even a birthday party, be sure to listen to the person you’re chatting with, as well as repeat points they made just to show your into them, and watch out for your body language because non-verbal communication speaks volume too along with verbal contact.

Robes To Get Ready In

Before or after the small talk to success, you gotta make sure you dress in your very best attire.  But you must have a go to robe first before you get ready for your big moment.  Lauren Conrad’s currently craving today get ready robes from places like Pretty Plum Sugar, Anthropologie, BHLDN, Kate Spade New York, and Free People who supply their own unique designs and cute prints of their own so you feel inspired for your big event or night out.

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