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Love, Culinary Style

Lauren Conrad has found yet another new passion today with a Tuesday Ten devoted to Lauren’s favorite appliances and accessories in the room you do all of your cooking in.

The most important gadget you need in your kitchen like yesterday is a food processor because it mixes doughs for desserts and chops vegetables so you can save time and get right to cooking.

More important appliances include an ice crusher if you don’t have an ice maker in your fridge, and you definitely need a coffee maker to get you and others going in the morning.

Accessories include some pie dishes for those amazing pies, dish towels, a charcuterie board to play hostess for veggies and cheese, rose gold cutlery, cake stands, jars, and oil cruet.

Veuve Clicquot Polo Outfit Identified

Lauren today too revealed what she wore at the 2016 Veuve Clicquot Polo Match more than a week ago in Los Angeles, California being a dress from Paper Crown which is a white canvas floral print maxi dress that’s available next spring.

Lauren also says she always takes the opportunity to show off what Paper Crown spring is like every year at this event, as well as Lauren channeling her inner “Pretty Woman” while October still has warm temperatures here and there.

Vegan Dessert

That’s right, the recipe box  presents vegan chai coconut caramel shortbread done in bite size where both the shortbread and the caramel are made animal free with coconut oil, chai tea, coconut milk, vanilla, corn syrup, and granulated sugar.

Now, you can have chai tea cookies with caramel without having chai tea with it, or you can chai tea or any ole tea with it anyway.

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