Lauren Conrad’s things for new toddler moms to know



Mommy-Hood Made Easy

Today, Lauren Conrad turns to contributor, Leslie Bruce who talks about 10 ways that can make raising a toddler easier on you, while being fun, yet firm.

First things first, you got more patience than you thought imaginable as tantrums for whatever reason arise, saying yes is not what you think, just say yes with delayed options, and your toddler will eat eventually even though they won’t when you want them to.

Next, please watch your mouth in front of the little one because they pick up all your bad habits throughout their development, research good preschools now so your kid has a shot, and be tough to potty train your kid.

Finally, allow yourself 1 heart attack a day as your kid does dangerous stuff throughout the day, give toddler a choice of fun as you do important task, toddler gives you no private time whatsoever, and you toddler can be perfect at times too.

Squash With Meat Sauce

The Recipe Box today presents a lighter version of Spaghetti and Bolognese Sauce with Spaghetti Squash being the viable substitute.

This lighter, easier, and healthier version of an Italian classic contains the usual garlic, tomatoes, pasta sauce, onion, parsley, and olive oil but along with regular spaghetti being sacked, beef, veal and pork meat are replaced with ground turkey to go good with spaghetti squash so one can have a lean tasty dish.

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