Lauren Conrad makes a butternut squash crostini



It’s A Crostini…… Not A Panini

On this Election Day today, you have a right to choose the best candidate you think will be qualified to be President.  You also have the right to a darn good crostini as Lauren Conrad goes into the recipe box today to make a butternut squash and burrata fall crostini.

For this fabulous dish, you need butternut squash, burrata cheese, arugula, sage leaves, butter, French baguette, and salt and pepper to saute most of these ingredients followed by a trip in the over for a great lunch.

Turkey Day Place Cards times 2

There’s more than one one you can do a do-it-yourself Thanksgiving place card today either with mini rosemary wreaths, or ice cream cone cornucopias coming in green, brown, or cranberry.

Did You Vote Today?’s Instagram had a powerful message pertaining to Election Day today with help from The Little Market in the words of Roald Dahl being “somewhere inside of us is the power to change the world”.

Daniel Quintanilla

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