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The Power Of Fashion & Blogging

Lauren Conrad’s contributor, Anna James brought us another edition of Ladies Who Laptop today going into the world of Emily Henderson, who’s success has very humble beginnings.

Emily is a fashion designer, blogger, style expert for Target, and has her own reality show on HGTV who’s originally from Oregon not knowing anything about fashion until she arrived in New York City in her mid-twenties working as a shop girl for Jonathan Alder.

Emily is not about being a perfectionist, she’s likes having a little weird in her life, which is hectic to begin with being a full-time mother while running a full-time blog, her own show on HGTV, and creating her own furniture designs.

Emily also declares her blog is everything starting out as her own personal post, then gaining momentum leaving her to produce something fresh and new everyday.

From there, Emily Henderson tells aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs to produce, produce, and produce so people will find you, hire you, and get you noticed, and create something universal and unique so you would want to hire or buy you.

The Farm Sanctuary Diaries

Rachel Rosenbloom Tuesday told us about Team LC’s trip to the Farm Sanctuary which is a place where farm animals are rescued from abuse and cruelty by their owners.

Team LC watched a video on how Farm Sanctuary got started, then they hung out with resident animals who were rescued taking care of them, feeding them, and helping with the chores along the way.

A Fiery and Spicy Turkey Day Dinner

Team LC produces a holiday special today of Thanksgiving Oaxacan Spiced Turkey, Mushroom Leek Stuffing, and Brown Sugar Roasted Yams.

Since this is Thanksgiving were talking about, every recipe for each side and main course goes into great detail and unique ways of how to cook each dish so we can all have a Happy Thanksgiving with no flaws along the way.

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