Lauren Conrad’s twisted green beans and biscuits



Boring Side Dishes Do Not Exist

Lauren Conrad’s holiday specials continue today with another Thanksgiving Day dinner recommendation of turning your green beans and biscuits into something you never thought of before.

Take those string beans and shake them up with something called a haricot vert with tomato romesco charred shallots with all kinds of flavored oil, vinegar, 2 types of tomatoes, pepper, and paprika for beans that you’ll want more of, and good for you too.

Next are the biscuits which could be good to have just by themselves because they’re so buttery and tasty already.

However, Team LC has angel biscuits with Broadbent’s Country Ham and kumquat pommery marmalade to have nice little biscuit ham sandwiches meeting fruity sweetness.

A Pumpkin Centerpiece

Inspired Ideas are springing up all around today since Thanksgiving Day is only a week a way, this time we have a pastel pumpkin tablescape making your dishes, glasses, and food very appealing.

Along with the twisted green beans and biscuits, you can have a virtually table long centerpiece lined up with baby pumpkins spray painted in white, pink, peach, orange, and even black.

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