Lauren Conrad chic to break fall neutrals



White After Labor Day?????????????

That’s right, the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day is no more as Lauren Conrad and her Chic Of The Week today give white new purpose after the first Monday of September.

Mollie is the girl who dares to break the no white after Labor Day rule by wearing white jeans with a caramel sweater, over-the-knee suede boots, bowling bowl over-the-shoulder bag, jewelry, and vibrant hues.

According to Mollie, she’s loved neutrals lately compared to the fixation she had with colors this past summer, and this white after Labor Day looks is so warm and cozy.

Friday Favorites by Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s picks today include lavender ice cream served up between 2 whole toffee cookies that become lavender toffee ice cream sandwiches.

Also, Lauren’s got mirror top side table, DIY gold branch hair pins, Sugar Paper gift wrap, and a puppy dressed up in a panda bear costume.

Daniel Quintanilla

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