Kristin Prim debuts ‘Close To You’ exhibit

Courtesy: Paul Bruinooge

Art Going Deep Is An Understatement

Kristin Prim, a young prolific fine artist, publisher, and model, celebrated the debut of the “Close To You” exhibition in New York City last Monday bringing all kinds of key people out.

Sponsoring Kristin’s art exhibition was CHANDON, who also made Kristin’s event even more exciting with their delicious champagne leading to a good experience at the event.

Attendees included Kristin Prim herself, as well as Courtney Daniels, Kenneth Willardt, Justin Fine, Valerie Velazquez, Amir Baradaran, Paul Couture, Ben Katz, and Angelica Morrow.

Also attending were Brian Wosnitzer, Alberto Baudo, Sean James, Derek Murdoch, Madge Allison, Darrell Wesley, Anastasia Eagle, Amy Hood, Lindsay Jones, Zoe Vorts, Sally Egebert, Luigi Colarullo, Keino Benjamin.

Kristin’s fine artwork explores themes of sexuality, passion, and desire, melding the restless nature of gain and loss.

Through her self-portraiture work, Prim utilizes experimental methods of capturing still moments in time, offering new life to experiences once lived.

In 2013, Prim released a limited collective oeuvre of her fine artwork, varying from photography to paintings and typewritten works.

Kristin’s black and white photographic “Close To You” collection explores the intimacy of a relationship, both through its potential fleeting nature as well as its conflicting permanence.

“Close To You” also depicts a manifestation of spiritual and mental presence concurring with a physical lack thereof.

“Close To You” explores the intensity of both love and loss, sexuality and intimacy, the accessible and distant.

Kristin says that by utilizing experimental methods of self-portraiture photography, the possible impermanence of experience is examined, often viewed from the vantage point of an onlooker who’s not involved.

Kristin also has depicted moments in time once lived, as the series represents photographed one way conversations with herself as Kristin Prim wishes to go both ways.

Daniel Quintanilla

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