Lauren Conrad’s gift choices for guys



Gift The Y Chromosome

Buying a gift for your man, it should be easy if you know what he likes, and you’re in love with him, but it can be hard if you’re neither, so Lauren Conrad today has a guys gift guide.

Lauren’s finds consist of inspiring books for dudes that surf, Old Navy pattern socks, J-Crew long sleeve pocket t-shirts, travels kits carrying all kinds of stuff, and a buckle motif belt.

More options are The Little Market’s cedar soy blend candle and La Jolla luggage tag, Barbour Gray Whitfield beanie, beard oil, water bottle, bow tie, cocktail set, leather strap watch, and J-Crew leather iPhone case.

Tacos Once Removed

If you couldn’t get enough of all the sweet potatoes you ate over Thanksgiving that just past, the recipe box today has this little orange tater stuffed in 3 ways.

Think of a taco without the corn taco shell, and see yourself eating favorites like the BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato), chipotle black bean, and an all american accompanied by tomatoes, cheese, and ground turkey in a sweet potato just baked, and cut right down the middle to make room for this delightful dish.

Daniel Quintanilla

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