The Baby Watch: Lauren Conrad’s hair and sharing news 


All About Baby: Hair Care While Pregnant

Once a man and woman find out their pregnant, everything changes, that’s no exception for Lauren Conrad as Lauren’s hair stylist, Kristin Ess shared with People today about how Lauren expecting will change things, especially her hair.

Kristin reveals that Lauren will likely change the hair care products she uses because Lauren does not want to harm the baby while Lauren is carrying a child, but Lauren and Kristin Ess generally don’t use aerosol hair spray cans to begin with.

And pregnant or not, Kristin Ess only uses a very soft amount of aerosol products because Kristin keeps Lauren all natural all the way with her hair, but you can be sure that Kristin will be in the delivery room with Lauren with blow dryer and hair brush on hand if the need calls for it.

All About Baby: Reveal Before You Get Revealed

Radar Online revealed on Friday that Lauren Conrad is farther along than we’ve been led to think, but even yours truly had questions starting at Lauren’s pregnancy news, and baby bump.

Radar’s sources say that Lauren is five months pregnant, making Lauren pregnant since August of last year.

And before Lauren became the hunted, Lauren decided that she herself would reveal the news because so many people were finding out of Lauren’s pregnancy.

Honoring MLK

For Martin Luther King’s day, Lauren Conrad lent a helping hand today in MLK’s honor in what’s also a day of service today with people volunteering at many places where people need a hand up, with light to end darkness, and love to end hate.

Jumpstart January: Eat Natural, Not Prosessed

The third edition of Jumpstart January today wants you to give up processed food and white sugar so you pay better attention of what you put into your body.

This forces you to plan out your meals, and pick out better food options like fruits, vegetables, and natural proteins both plant and animal.

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