Equinox & Soul Cycle raise awareness with ‘Cycle For Survival’ at UBM ‘MRket’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Ride To Beat The Disease

Equinox with its acclaimed and uber-popular sister company, Soul Cycle partnered in movement to beat rare cancer on Monday here in New York City at UBM‘s MRket menswear trade show.

Participants of the exhibit got to hope of the spin cycles provided by Soul Cycle and ride for  however long they can contribute , even passerby’s who wanted to help got the option to ride on the bikes themselves.

Passerby’s also made generous donations on the spot to help cancer research centers find new treatments, leading to a cure one day of many rare cancers that exist.

Since 2007, Cycle For Survival has raised $106 million funding 100 plus clinical trials, studies, and major research without aide from any other source but donations.

So far this year, Cycle For Survival has raised over $9 million where every dollar goes to rare cancer research within 6 months of events both Soul Cycle, and Equinox hold.

And for those here in New York City, you can join Team MOVE to donate, and learn more about this effort where 100% of every dollar goes to research centers like the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center who leads such pioneering research.

Daniel Quintanilla

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