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Where Else Does Milk Come From?

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul today tackled the all important task of where else to find milk without drinking milk itself, avoiding the sluggishness and side effects milk has on one’s body despite being an excellent source of Vitamin D and protein.

Soy milk is the most visible milk alternative of them all because it’s used in almost every drink or food one likes, plus it’s non-animal protein, but nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque is against it because it causes causes acne, hyperthyroid, infertility, and even cancer.

Almond milk seems like a winner in milk alternate because it’s got Vitamin D & E, but its low in calcium and you have to choose the right one without sugar or carrageenan.

Yours truly prefers coconut milk since it’s got good fat and manganese, choose So Delicious options of Unsweetened & Unsweetened Vanilla.

Hemp milk’s got the goods with omegas, vitamins, amino acids, and all other types of minerals you can think of, rice milk is just starchy sugar water you need to stay away from, and goat milk is easier to digest and is the only dairy milk alternative to cow’s milk.

Date Night In LA

Team Lauren Conrad’s Tuesday Ten today offers up their choice of best restaurants to go on a date on, since Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away.

The LC Team picks offer up a wide range of options from fancy, farm-cooked foods, great pizza options, best by Sagat’s guide, great Italian food, good scallops, and a place to get a good cocktail.

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