Sailors & Brides offers up their finest outerwear at UBM ‘Project’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The Great Outdoors Are No Match For Style

Sailors & Brides gave yours truly a brief look today here in New York City of their outerwear line at UBM‘s Project menswear presentation.

Sailors & Brides have a fine line of jackets for both men and women, one example is a winter men’s jacket called the Bandit that’s water repellant, and wind resistant made of 100% polyester.

The women’s collections has a stylish winter jacket called the Blizzard that’s also wind and water resistant, and made of 100% nylon twill, and sold in red or olive colors.

Sailors & Brides’s story began in the late 90’s in Annapolis, Maryland by 2 British sport-sailors and an Australian entrepreneur who traveled the globe in a vintage two master ship.

Annapolis enters in when these globetrotters stopped in the Maryland small town meeting with a jacket producer creating the ultimate fashion collection sold to yacht friends.

And in 2010, these sailor fashion producers met with an enthusiastic fashion profession who envisioned taking this collection as something for all world travelers, it is this craftsmanship and honesty that made Sailors & Brides come about in this same year.

Daniel Quintanilla


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