Molly Kirchhoff’s military collection for Parsons at UBM ‘Project’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The Art Of Repurposing

Molly Kirchoff, a graduate as of last May at Parsons The New School for Fashion Design here in Manhattan showed off her nominated 5 to 7 look collection today at UBM‘s Project trade show for menswear.

Molly Kirchoff took all the things she learned at Parsons The New School for Fashion Design to create a men’s military vintage collection with repurposed military salvage from the period of 1940-1960.

Molly constructed her collection based on a study of collaging and how repurposing means lowly fabrics that’s standard military-ish duffle bags everybody has and makes.

However, Molly can take 2 or 3 duffle bags to create 14 different variations of the same jacket based on where details are placed, a juxtaposing static nature of a standard issue of clothing making it very special and one-of-a-kind.

The military collection Molly Kirchoff created is very durable, another one of her pieces a bullet-proof vest that protects up to 9 millimeters up against a machine gun.

Molly says her line continues to be a work in progress, and it’s very unique so far according to yours truly.

Daniel Quintanilla

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