Lauren Conrad craves the transitional outerwear



Stay Warm From Winter To Spring

Lauren Conrad’s got new cravings on Tuesday, but not baby cravings, they are transitional outerwear that are perfect to wear in winter, and a must for those cold spring nights.

Lauren has the Paper Crown Salinas coat, Anthropologie trench coat, Paper Crown Rio Grande coat, Club Monaco Carllye Jacket, and the LC Lauren Conrad Jean Jacket.

Also, there’s the Paper Crown Powell Bomber Jacket, Sea Combo Eyelet Jacket, Paper Crown Cortez Vest, Who What Wear Oversized Cardigan Coat, and Forever 21 Satin Longline Jacket.

Moms Know More Beyond The First Child

Today’s Tuesday Ten has Lauren’s Ilana Saul giving you advice about approaching a baby register for when you have your second child since so much was learned at the first kid.

Those keys things are a stroller converting into doubles, rocking furniture that glides giving baby hours of fun, gender neutral pieces for baby #2, limit bottle buys since baby my have preference, and consider dockAtot.

Next, babywearing to keep your hands free, burp clothes and bibs, daddy-friendly diaper bags, no backseat mirrors in the car, and don’t get too many blankets and swaddles since too many people like them already.

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