Epson Digital Couture invade New York Fashion Week before its beginnings

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

We Gotta Party Before It Begins

If you ever wanted to kick off New York Fashion Week in a big and grandiose way, then tonight’s Epson Digital Couture here in New York City was the place to do it, giving you access to digital at its finest, beautiful models wearing digital, and a good time to go with it.

Yours truly saw how crowded and popular these events can get especially if Epson features designs that are based off digital printing, which has become the future for the last 20-25 years or so.

You saw design houses like Daniela Hoehmann, Vanessa Krongold, Susan Wagner, Daniel Barreira, Leonardo Mena, Susan Richards, and Philadelphia University fill the evening hours with lots of beauty and fashionable structure for many years to come.

If you were not there tonight at Epson’s Digital Couture extravaganza celebrating the fine elements of digital print, as well as a celebration of fashion controlling all of New York City, then you are at a loss.

The best experience for any budding or aspiring fashionista to get the full New York fashion experience is to come up here in the flesh, and see for yourself not only what you’ve missed out on, but find a true discovery of yourself while discovering wild life, births, or cold cases scenarios while figuring out what thing you want to do to help the country.

Daniel Quintanilla

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