Designing your own engagement ring with the team Lauren Conrad



A Ring Just For You

Lauren Conrad’s people today teamed up with James Allen to tell the world about how you can design an engagement ring catered to fit your taste in stone and color.

James Allen shows us that one can choose their own choice of metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and so forth, there’s also intertwined bands with different diamond shapes that can be round or cushion.

Stones are also a choice one can decide on like your own birthstone or many different hues like blue sapphire, ruby, or emerald, diamond shapes like marquise or oval also play a role, as well as halo shapes of different sizes.

Movie Inspired Food

Resident foodie, Claire Thomas today and her Kitchy Kitchen present a classic croque monsieur with romaine salad that’s cheesy, buttery, filled with ham, and balanced out with fine salad.

Claire finds inspiration from movies such as “The Holiday”, “Something’s Gotta Give”, and “It’s Complicated”, where recipes like these originate in whatever restaurant, or even a lunch at home it inspires.

Daniel Quintanilla

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