Workday looks turn weekend looks by team Lauren Conrad


Wear Work Outside Work

Lauren Conrad’s gals of editors today devoted their style guide to taking your usual 5 day a week work outfits and turning them into stuff you can wear on the weekends.

Thanks to Paper Crown, the Scottsdale pant on a work day gets paired with a Coconino sweater, but weeks allow Scottsdale to go with the desert lily tank.

Next, the Cottonwood Jacket gets worked up with the Cypress Tank, then Cottonwood gets the Saturday/ Sunday treatment with Karakum Tank & Namib Shorts.

Finally, Paper Crown’s Oleander Dress stands alone at work until you add a blazer to it, but you can place a Paper Crown Cortez vest when you’re not worried about clocking in at work.

The Immune Boosters From The Earth

Team Lauren Conrad today made their Tuesday Ten about natural ways to keep your immune system healthy as winter still rears its ugly head in an effort to take us down.

Elderberry syrup and Echinacea to relieve cold and flu reducing inflammation, sage battles bacteria while ginger is antioxidant, and ashwagandha calms nervous system & colloidal silver kills harmful bacteria.

Also, garlic is the holy grail of fighting germs and disease, oregano oil is anti-everything, tumeric fights again foreign invaders while compared to aspirin, and eucalyptus globulus essential oil fights cold, cough, flu, and bronchitus reducing mucus being a decongestant.

Daniel Quintanilla

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