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Nailed It

Lauren Conrad got to the nitty-gritty today on the nail files of a beauty guru’s guide to nail shapes for many styles and looks that exist out there while speaking.

Lauren launches off with round shaped nails being the simplest of shapes to style, then we get dramatic with pointed stiletto via filing sides of the nails, but acrylic nails are best since nails can get weak from this process.

The almond shape is also a popular feminine style that’s elegant while giving off a silhouette look, the oval took comes close to the almond while maintaining it’s original size and shape.

Now, let’s get square about nails as Lauren shows off a squared style option for flatter nails happening on the top, and then you can combine the square and the oval together to make the squoval.

Rummy Gummies

Team Lauren Conrad’s new edible obsession today are homemade boozy gummy bears made with 2 recipes with rose wine, and champagne for a delightful treat.

Pro-Suitcase Packing

LC’s team today also offered ways to pack like a pro for business trips which includes planning out outfits for entire trip, wearing bulky items on the plane, lay your clothes flat, and plenty of snacks.

Master The Instagram

Lauren Conrad told Popsugar on Tuesday that the key to have such good Instagram photos is to have plenty of good light, because light solves virtually all problems.

Your Ex Is Expecting

That’s right, Lauren Conrad’s infamous ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, announced to Entertainment Tonight Tuesday that he and his wife, Ashley are expecting their first baby.

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