Egg by Susan Lazar shows off an adorable fall 2017 at UBM’s ‘Children’s Club’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Start Here, And Grow From There

Egg by Susan Lazar inaugurated yours truly into the world of UBM’s Children’s Club (a kids version of all the seasonal trade shows you know and love) at the Javits Center Monday here in New York City, showing off what fall 2017 looks like for the little ones.

Egg by Susan Lazar is a 13 year old brand that produces its clothes naturally with 50% cotton in every garment, with sizes ranging from 3 months old to 12 years old, and found in most major boutiques and specialty stores.

Egg’s fall 2017 finds its theme in mountain rebels, where one can finds lots of animals and prints, lending themselves to mountains, ski ranges, cottages, and mountain ranges.

And in case you don’t know already, the mouse hat is a very big seller for Eggs by Susan Lazar, with its cute lavender color along with eyes and nose stitched in the hat’s front, and don’t forget the mouse ears on top.

The Mouse hat is made up of alpaca, and lined in fleece, and it’s been photographed in lots of media outlets, and there’s no signs of the mouse hat’s sales slowing down.

Egg by Susan Lazar is also a main feature here at the Children’s Club along with doe a dear, Mia New York, Mayoral, and Lazypants, telling you that Egg by Susan Lazar is a great kids fashion brand, and yours truly here agrees as well.

Daniel Quintanilla

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