Lauren Conrad brings on the showers of April



In April, We Work

Today, Lauren Conrad began the new month with a Letter From Lauren explaining what’s coming up at the ever-present, putting a heavy emphasis on enhancing your career.

“Work It April” has always been a mainstay with Team LC, and it’s not letting up now as Lauren devotes pieces to improving one’s professionalism, along with making the right moves in your career.

Look for upcoming posts like ways to weigh if the job offer you get is worth moving your life to another town, Lauren too has updated office dress code, so watch out for that.

It’s not all about work, Easter’s in less than 2 weeks so watch out for desserts, florals, and decorated eggs, as well as coconut oil hair mask & charcoal face mask, which have been known to fight against acne.

Animals On Eggs

Speaking of decorated eggs, Lauren Conrad takes it upon herself to do a do-it-yourself project of making animal friend eggs.



You have your choice of 3 animals to choose from, there’s the bunny easter egg, a deer easter egg, and a chic easter egg all coming in fun colors, and decorated accessories to make each animal come to life.

Daniel Quintanilla

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