Lauren Conrad unveils the April of LC Lauren Conrad



Show Off Your Beautiful April

Lauren Conrad once again today gave the world what’s beautiful lately at LC Lauren Conrad with some looks perfect for this months of spring awakenings.

This month around, we have the golden print keyhole top, cuffed skinny capri jeans, and tube strap wedge sandals ranging from $30-$40, and you can get them for much less direct from Kohl’s.

Another look includes the ruffle chambray top with crop skinny jeans and firefli sandals, these options are perfect for getting spring off to a warm start, and one can will a Kohl’s $100 gift card where the winner will be announced on April 19.

Peeps Made In Your Own Home

Lauren Conrad stuck around today to make sure we knew about this edible obsession of homemade peeps-inspired easter treats with help from resident baker, Lauren Lowstan.

The first recipe is peeps rice krispie treats, followed by homemade peeps marbled marshmallows where the key ingredient holding the treats together is gelatin, and some butter or starch pending recipe you choose.

Daniel Quintanilla


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