Kristin Cavallari launches Uncommon James


Courtesy: Uncommon James

The Birth Of Something Beautiful

Tuesday was a big day for Kristin Cavallari as she finally launched her new jewelry line that is Uncommon James, which took just a few months to get off the ground.

Kristin appropriately calls her first collection The Debut Collection particularly aiming to hit all the needs of women, whether they’re running around with kids, dressed up for work, going out with the girls or a date, or a cocktail party, and so forth.

According to Kristin, an Uncommon James girl is a modern on-the-go woman who’s sophisticated and timeless, who wants accessories like jewelry to be effortless, without trying on every single piece for a longtime.

The overall goal here for Kristin Cavallari is that she wants her jewelry line to be worn every single day by women who appreciate their own personal style making it their own, without breaking the bank.

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