Lauren Conrad salutes moms who work at home



You Can Find Success At Home, And Be Happy

On Wednesday, Lauren Conrad celebrated and closed out the Work It April theme with a tribute to moms who work at home and make it work.

Lauren first looks to close colleagues who are Leslie Bruce who went from the endless deadlines in the newsroom at The Hollywood Reporter, to working from home where she had to settle into a schedule of her own while raising children.

Then, there’s Managing Editor, Ilana Saul who’s in constant contact with Lauren fitting in workflow with raising a family, and thankfully relying on child care so Ilana can effectively get work done on a daily basis.

Others outside Lauren’s realm are¬†Priscilla Vega of PR Vega, and Nicole Neves of Sequin Productions PR who also do their own little numbers in making their careers work at home.

Sweets As A Superfood

The edible obsessions Wednesday made us believe that a decadent dessert like chocolate truffles can serve as a superfood with healthy ingredients.

Those ingredients include coconut butter, coconut oil, dark chocolate, maple syrup, cocoa powder, acai powder, dried strawberries, roses, and flower herbs to make a decadent dessert without the sinful results.

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