Lauren Conrad’s lessons of networking on social media


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Do Self-Branding Right

Lauren Conrad today stresses the importance of being smart about posting on places like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can advance your career without embarassing yourself.

Closing out Work It April, Lauren first says to groom your social media by separating professional & personal so employers are not scared away, and know the platform you’re posting on as employers have a preference where they like to post.

And importantly, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there so employers can see how talented you are, keep it simple when telling people about yourself, and don’t always expect a response, though it doesn’t hurt to follow up at times.

All The Salts In The World

Lauren Conrad too today told us about the differences between many popular salts like kosher salt, table salt, sea salt, pink salt, pickling salt, and more.

Kosher is mainly used for seasoning meat not containing additives, table salt is very refined, sea salt is like table salt but from seawater, Himalayan salt is loaded with minerals, fleur de sel looks nice to decorate with, and pickling salt is used for brining, canning, and preserving.

Daniel Quintanilla

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