Lauren Conrad make May all about style



Let’s See The New Trends

Lauren Conrad today gave us a new set of style tips for the month of May lined up to accomodate all the new trends that have been unveiled this year.

Lauren first tells us about the ruffles on pieces like striped tops, maxi dresses that are done gingham style, patterns as a fine print, detailed tiny pearls, and one shoulder eyelets.

Nobody ever thought relaxed fit jeans would ever be chic, but they can be on certain days, Lauren also finds style in straw bags, layers of t-shirt & maxi dress, monochrome looks, and floral bohemian wide legs.

Don’t Forget About Mother’s Day

The team of Lauren Conrad today got us to be mindful that Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away, so there’s a gift guide to help us express our love for our mothers.

Rely on gifts like a Mother’s Day gift box, fine wine to inspire the day, Aerial Gordon rings, a board book, gift box from The Little Market, LC Lauren Conrad tote, mama & me gift set, necklace, and pom bag from The Little Market.

Daniel Quintanilla

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