Beauty advice from team Lauren Conrad’s moms



Your Mom Is Right

Lauren Conrad’s wonderful editors today dispensed unforgettable advice their mother’s gave them when it comes to beauty, which can go along way when one needs it most.

Allison Norton’s mom cannot stress enough about skin moisturizer and sleep, while Jessi Burrone’s mom who works in skincare says start at a young age, and Rachel Rosenbloom’s mom makes it a point to make time for herself.

Tessa Scott’s mom says it all comes down to one thing, moisturizer all the time where one can look 35 years old all their lives, Anna James’s mom says remove all your makeup right before bed, Intern, Kiera’s mom, says keep hands off face & apply sunscreen all the time, and Ilana Saul’s mom says have a a positive image about your body.

Straw Bag Crazy

Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton today now has a craving of straw bags which are perfect to get in style with now that we’re transitioning from spring to summer.

There are many bags including circle bags, crossbody bags, woven bags, fruit clutches, and bags in pink that make these choices great to take to the beach.

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