Julia Anne Milin tells what microblading is all about

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Courtesy: Brow Design International

Get The Eyebrows You Truly Want

Today, Daniel+Lauren tells you more about Juila Anne Milin, who has become a pioneer in redifing your eyebrows the a process called microblading through Juila’s company, Brow Design International.

With help from James Murray over at Supreme Public Relations, Juila is a native New Yorker who’s background was deeply enriched in music, becoming a classically-trained opera singer from her teenage years into adult life.

Juila discovered microblading one day when her mother was practicing it from a microblading class her mother took, Juila was amazed at the process, that Juila had the confidence to try the process herself.

From there, Juila went onto a new journey with her life with microblading, becoming one of the nation’s most wide respected microblading artist in the nation, raising the bar, and breaking even more new ground in microblading.

Microblading is a process where an extensive color-matching protocol is used, where advanced color-technology steps are done in order to reach the pigment that perfectly matches the clients natural base.

Then, the ancient ‘Golden Ratio’ technique is referenced in order to declare mathematical precision based on the facial architecture of the client.

Juila and her team work directly with the client in order to craft an authentic shape that ultimately results in making their fantasy eyebrows become a reality.

The secret behind Juila’s success, and extraordinary skills behind microblading is giving her clients eyebrows they should’ve had in the first place, going beyond cookie-cutter methods, to create cutting-edge techniques & skill advancements that shape eyebrow microblading.

To continue success and innovation, Juila Anne Milin and Brow Design International only take on already gifted artists, helping them to sharpen their tools to become certified artists with dominating levels of expertise and solid visions of precision that make BDI a voice in microblading.

Daniel Quintanilla

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