Lauren Conrad’s new season of Paper Crown Bridesmaids Collection



Tis The Season For Holy Matrimony

The TV season’s over, but the unofficial summer season has begun also, as well as wedding season, which means Lauren Conrad today reveals a new line of bridesmaids pieces from Paper Crown.

As a bridesmaid, one deserves a good dress, which are the Kelly Dress, the Camille Dress & Payton Dress colored in rose, and the Michele Dress & Alana Dress in Claret.

One can even wear black to a wedding in dresses of Mila, Riley, and Alana, there’s also Camilla, Emma, and Madison dresses in Champagne, Camilla in Honeymoon Floral, as well as the Heather, Tori, Margo, and Cassandra dress in the Paper Crown Bridesmaids.



What Comb Is Best For Your Hair?

The team of Lauren Conrad today lined up their finds of hair brushes to show the world what kind of brush one needs for the type of hair they have.

Most hair need wide tooth combs, fine hair needs thick tooth combs, thick hair need wide tooth & anti-static combs with hair wet or dry, curly hair needs 2 sets of wide-spread teeth, and coarse hair needs a thick tooth comb that well with tangles & knots.

Daniel Quintanilla

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