Jeremy Kost after party at Edition Hotel in New York City 

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

It’s Always Fun Late At Night

Jeremy Kost, author of his newly released book, “Like One Of Your French Girls”, celebrated the release of his book Thursday night into this morning with an after party, courtesy of a good friend named Susanne Bartsch here in east midtown Manhattan at the Edition Hotel.

For the release, all the well known figures came out right out of the Susanne Bartsch camp such as Amanda Lepore Rochelle Jeremy promote his just released book.

Jeremy Kost’s book compares French life to the New York club scene, in terms of women, and everyone else participating in the social atmosphere, which brings a lot of fun, and unforgettable moments for one individual.

Along with Susanne Bartsch and Amanda Lepore on tap for the celebration, the regular attendees of Susanne Lepore came out to celebrate their own, having a good time, and getting friendly with all party revelers in attendance.

In this New York City night filled with rain and cold eventually, the real heat came from this oasis prior to Memorial Day weekend that had devoted people come out to celebrate life, and who they choose to be in the pursuit of happiness.

Daniel Quintanilla

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