Lauren Conrad releases photos of Liam James Tell

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Courtesy: People

Love Your Baby For The World To See

Once again, Lauren Conrad to People on Wednesday showed off her wonderful bundle of joy, who’s Liam James Tell with brand new baby photos.

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Courtesy: People

While being pregnant, Lauren says she took up knitting, and developed a love for it, Lauren and husband, William Tell, also resolved that they won’t have a color scheme for Liam until he’s grown a bit.

Lauren also confesses that there’s no one on the world that can ever love her newborn son, Liam, more than she could, and Lauren & William cannot stop staring at the cuteness that is Liam James Tell.

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Courtesy: People

All while transitioning into motherhood, Lauren says too she’s also back at work mending her sites that help her stay busy all the time.

Watermelon Mules & Poppy Seed Donuts today has lovely libations featuring Frozen Watermelon Moscow Mules for your drink pleasure, and an edible obsession of Baked Lavender Poppy Seed Donuts for the homemade sweet tooth in all of us.

Is It Cause For Concern?

Page Six Wednesday released a story saying that People’s edition of Lauren Conrad on the cover was said to be the worst-selling in their history, only selling 300,000 copies.

However, People’s people are fighting back saying that the issue’s still on newsstands, and that it’s too early to tell how good the sales have been, or not.

And yours truly wants to point out that this is the first time Lauren has posed on People magazine’s front page cover, whereas before Lauren’s made several appearances front page on People StyleWatch.

Let’s not forget also that People & People StyleWatch are not the same, and have separate audiences, People especially has a more established reader demographic/ psychographic where they’re readers are accustomed to movie stars, TV sitcom/ drama stars, and music sensations.

Plus, Lauren Conrad shines more at Us Weekly, Allure, Elle, Shape, and Cosmopolitan especially, where Lauren’s always a hit with Cosmo time and time again, though Cosmo’s just not into the baby business.

Also remember there’s tons of reasons not to buy a magazine anymore since there’s social media and People’s website itself to read up on the stories each day, so success takes shape in many forms.

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