Heidi Montag claims being ‘great friend’ to Lauren Conrad


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I Was A Good Girl… I Promise

Heidi Montag told E! News Thursday that there’s a misconception about the feud between her and Lauren Conrad, at least on how people perceive Heidi.

Heidi thought people blaming her for spreading rumors about Lauren was a scapegoat, and felt that the simple rumor that was weak again what Heidi thought was a strong friendship between her and Lauren.

Heidi says what people misconceive is that everybody thought she did something to Lauren, and that’s the only thing on people’s minds about Heidi from that point on, Heidi  still proclaims she did nothing wrong, Heidi was just a good friend to Lauren.

Friday Favorites

Lauren Conrad and her LC.com team live in the moment today with Team Lauren’s favorites being a boy’s room decor, a cherry ice cream dessert, miminalist leather pouch, the best blushes out there, and “Carpool Karoke” with James Corden & Will Smith.

The LC.com Edit

Team LC today had their picks for the week being a ponytail clip, gingham top, LC Lauren Conrad pointed loafers, woven pillow, Paper Crown Mesa Dress, booties, ballpoint pens, pajama sets, “Reply All” podcast, and clutch.

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