Lauren Conrad’s people are in kitchen heaven



There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

Welcome to your home, someone else’s home, or even a home you may wanna buy, we’ve all been there, the only thing that matters most in the home is the kitchen, that’s why team Lauren Conrad today devotes Tuesday Ten to those inviting culinary spaces.

The first ones listed up are the subway tile with white cabinet (electric range is yours truly’s favorite), huge workspaces with open shelving, rustic wooden elements for farmhouse effect, island/ bar combo for many things, and dark & light elements.

Next again is open shelving with gold furniture and neutral cabinetry, kitchen filled with artwork, a bright kitchen with summer remininces, navy colored kitchen with marvel, and blue accents with subway tile, gas range, and polka-dot stools.

Salads For The Future

Claire Thomas from The Kitchy Kitchen today brought her own recipe box filled with 5 make-ahead salad hacks so one can save time and money making lunch or dinner.

These full-on lunch or dinner meals include hijiki with brown rice and salmon, quinoa with beets and goat cheese, brown rice with pico de gallo and cotija, quinoa with pecan, cheedar, and arugula, and kale with peanut sauce, green onion, and tofu.

Daniel Quintanilla

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