Lauren Conrad makes you completely unplug on vacation


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Not On Vibrate, But Off

If one is on an airplane, then one knows they’re totally cutoff from the world (via phone calls and text), but they can at least still do videos, music, and work, but Lauren Conrad today forbids anybody from using mobile devices while on vacation.

Lauren recommends disabling any app one may have that makes it possible for them to look at work email so there’s no need to see your phone, and going somewhere off the grid where reception is nowhere remotely possible to take place.

Lauren says also to leave that precious expensive or inexpensive laptop of your where it usually is for the most part, at home, and pack yourself a paperback book instead of downloading a book so you’re not tempted to check into social media.

The Fondue Connection

Lauren Conrad with Us Weekly on Saturday shared the many wonderful ways you can have a fondue party with cheese, and anything beyond cheese.

Now, a cheese fondue is reserved for dippers like fruits and vegetables, but a chocolate fondue reaches out to strawberries, clementines, blondies, meringues, toasted marshmallows, and graham crackers.

Daniel Quintanilla

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