Kristin Cavallari draws fire for single parent comment


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Those One Liners Get You In Big Trouble

The Huffington Post reported today that Kristin Cavallari drew a crowd of irate single parents about a comment Kristin made on “Entertainment Tonight’s” Facebook Live video back on Tuesday.

Kristin was referring to husband, Jay Cutler, who plays for the Miami Dolphins saying that Kristin will be a single parent for 5 months, and that it didn’t make sense to pack up the kids for only a short amount of time.

It was that single parent blub that got commenters on “ET’s” Facebook page steaming mad saying Kristin doesn’t truly know what it’s like to encounter the terms of endearment, the struggle, and the hardship that single parents have in the real world.

The things that make single parents mad with Kristin is that they feel Kristin’s not a single parent at all, not even temporarily, irate parents strive Kristin to see she’s going to get her husband back and the end of the football season, and that a real single parent is void of nannies, cooks, maids, errand runners, and other assistance Kristin may have.

From an overall standpoint, Kristin Cavallari has proven to be a good parent to her kids in all the past 6 years Kristin’s had children, and not even a comment, or a livid community of parents (single or married) can change that.

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