Lauren Conrad kicks off September in fashion



Goodbye Summer, Hello Fashion

Once Labor Day ends with summer today, a new season approaches, and it’s not the TV season, it’s the height of the fashion season that only comes in September and February, Lauren Conrad welcomed in September telling the world what to expect from her, and the team that makes her site look good every single day.

Lauren will have 2 LC Lauren Conrad collections come out this month, one being the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection, and the newest edition of the plus size LC Lauren Conrad collection officially taking Lauren to the next level catering to women of all shapes and sizes.

At first glance, Lauren intends to stack fashion top to bottom with getting items tailored, wearing 5 of fashion week’s biggest trends in real life like wrap dresses and silk staples which are big this year, proper skin care, and hair ties for all hair types to round out the fashion and beauty frenzy.

Money Pinching With Some Splurging

Lauren Conrad today got her first fashion focused piece underway with the September edition of Splurge vs. Steal, keeping the public in check that it’s time to get ready for fall despite the runways all lined up with spring selections.

This month (and this season especially), the slip dresses are denting our closets coming in luxury frame velvet selections, there too are embroidered mules where you can spend more on extra detailing, or save a with a simple print design.

Also, we have ladylike handbags putting an extra emphasis on leather, or you can get all the style you want now with LC Lauren Conrad for only $59.25, and don’t forget a pair of modern hoop earrings where you can go big for $220, or start out small for just $9.99.

Daniel Quintanilla

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