Lauren Conrad gang’s advice on raising 2 children



Add Another Baby To The Portrait

Lauren Conrad’s contributor, Ilana Saul on Tuesday continued the baby focus that Lauren and Team LC have added to giving out the four best pieces of advice once a mother, who’s already raising their first-born, along with their husband, has a second child come into the world.

First, a mom may develop a chip off their shoulder because they’ve become so experienced in raising their first child already, as well as juggling their spouse, work, and other activities, but adding a second boy or girl to the happy household definitely changes the dynamic of the family can take time to getting use to.

And just like when a mom had their first child, or every additional children after their first, a mother, father, and sibling(s) must recruit all friends and family on deck to pitch in and help out with the new baby.

While getting help, a mom must find a way somehow to make time for their husband, friends, and especially their first born while taking care of the new baby in the house, it is also a mom and dad’s job especially to get the first born excited about the baby.

Work Bags For The Work B**ch

Work doesn’t just take place at one’s job, it goes on with friends, family, the gym, and other activities, so Team Lauren’s Tuesday Ten on Tuesday has backpack and handbags one will especially like, with two notable ones being from LC Lauren Conrad.

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