Lauren Conrad chats with Sara Sugarman Brenner of Lulu & Georgia



Building A New Foundation Via Experience

Today, Lauren Conrad’s Anna James brought on another edition of “Ladies Who Laptop”, talking with Lulu & Georgia founder, Sara Sugarmann Brenner, who started the company back in 2012, thanks to her family being in the carpet business, as well as working for “Oprah” magazine for a time before getting back to her roots.

Sara also explained what a typical day in the life for her is, which consist of raising her daughter, meetings all day, spending time with friends, and making time for her immediate family, which somehow balances out well for Miss Sugarmann.

Lulu & Georgia’s product line consist of custom wallpaper and rugs, vintage pieces, one-of-a-kind furniture, coveted decor pieces, and the new Luxe Studio Collection which are elevated decor from luxury designgers, as well as a kids capsule collection that will be launching in a couple of months, which should make the collection complete.

The most valuable piece of advice that Sara Sugarmann Brenner gives to aspiring young people who want to be entrepreneurs are to try out an idea in the simplest form so they can test the market, and tweak their idea as they go along, so they avoid spending years on a concept only to be heartbroken by it being unviable.

Don’t Go Broke Over Autumn Style

Lauren Conrad’s team today delve into fall fashion with help from Thread Up who helps those get the best fall staples without declaring bankrupcy in the process.

Thread Up is an online consignment store that enhances the thrift store experience tenfold, taking the mental exhaustion and sometimes humiliation out completely, it’s the largest online thrift store with over 35,000 brands with pieces that can be chosen by size, color, style, and price.

Thread Up and Team LC recommend getting those favorite fall staples that can be gingham shirts with fall denim, a versatile dress, and thicker fabrics to keep one’s self warm on the growing cold nights.

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