Lauren Conrad gives a zing to breakfast potatoes



We Have No Potato Famine Here

Potatoes for a time now have been known as the enemy for those losing weight, and the biggest culprit to getting fat, but people love potatoes just as much as people hate them, but it’s all about love today with Lauren Conrad’s Claire Thomas, who’s recipe box today puts potatoes in the proper place, on the plate known as crispy breakfast potatoes.

Potatoes can be one’s friend if they know how to utilize them, even on a diet, but Claire’s The Kitchy Kitchen¬†makes these morning potatoes irresistible thanks to olive oil, garlic, parsley, and lemon, but do not forget the salt and pepper at breakfast.

Now these potatoes have to be made a special way, it’s not just about boiling cut up potatoes for 8 to 10 minutes, its about also baking them at 325 degrees with olive oil in a deep pan until the time they are golden brown.

Taking the potatoes out and draining them is the next step, but it’s not the final step, the potatoes get to go into the oven once again, but at a higher temperature of 400 degrees, and again they stay in there until they are crispy and golden brown.

There are many ways these potatoes can be enjoyed, they can be had with eggs, they can be had a remedy to a stomach one may have (that’s Claire Thomas’s go-to if that happens), enjoyed by themselves as a nice full meal, and/ or enjoyed with some nice steak.

Care For Fine Jewelry

Lauren Conrad’s team today brought us odds and ends about the best ways to properly care for fine jewelry, jewelry first needs to be kept in a dry stored place where’s there’s no humidity, not touching each other, and cleaned with gentle, quality soap dried with a soft lint-free towel, but they must be dried completely, and softly.

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