Lauren Conrad becomes Cruella de Vil for Halloween

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On The Dark Side

Tapping into the wonderful resources of Disney once again, Lauren Conrad today revealed her Halloween costume for 2017, but it’s not the so sweet and gooey characters Lauren’s been associated with this time around, Lauren taps onto the evil side, becoming Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmations” and “102 Dalmations”.

Lauren’s primary reason in taking on Cruella de Vil, and thankfully not other Disney villians like evil step folks, sea witches, or wicked queens, is because Lauren’s a new mom now, with less time on her hands, so Lauren needed a costume that was less time consuming to make.

However, the tradeoff in going with the villainous Cruella de Vil pays off because Lauren knows that her 7 and a half month old son, Liam James Tell, would make for the most adorable dalmation out in the land, and because this is Liam’s first Halloween ever.

Mom Needs To Stay Strong For The Little Ones

Being a new mom, nursing a newborn, and making a Halloween costume on top of the 101 things a mom in general must do is hard work, and can drain a mom’s energy if not properly nourished, so team LC today rely on Kelly LeVeque to help Lauren Goes Ireland on reducing mental depletion and constant hunger.

Kelly’s recommendations to the You & Lu blogger are getting more fats in to curb hunger, slow down digestion, and releasing the satiety hormone, foods like salmon, avocaco, grass-fed beef, and bison are good for fats, for almonds, cucumbers, spinach, and chocolate have their own benefits to help a new mom stay on top.

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