Lauren Conrad’s BFF costumes already in the closet



Best Friends Forever Make It More Fun

Well, it’s just 8 days and counting until Halloween finally arrives, but lots will go all out this weekend too as the costume parties get underway on both Friday and Saturday, so Lauren Conrad’s team today thought up the perfect BFF costumes.

The first BFF costume pairing are a scarecrow and farmer, where you and your best buddy will need burlap or twine, a straw hat, and one’s favorite pair of booties so a nice wholesome getup can be cultivated so LC’s nice leading ladies can stand out.

A familar pair up Lauren’s alley star Karl Lagerfield and Anna Wintour, who’s a notorious force in the fashion industry, all’s needed starting with Anna are tweed jacket, black shift dress, pearls, and round sunglasses, and Karl needs black blazer, white tuxedo shirt, and leather leggings, with hair at appropriate stylings for each figure.

Then Lauren steps in with her own pop culture character with Lauren as Frankenstein along with the Bride of Frankenstein, Lauren’s got the black blazer, black t-shirt, and black leather leggings, while Lauren’s bride is all white in a lacy maxi dress.

Caramel, Apple Cider, & Marshmallows Become One

Today, Lauren Conrad presented an edible obsession today of caramel covered apple cider marshmallows while having a little help from baker, Lauren Lowstan, with this sweet autumn treat.

After a step by step method to making the caramel, and the marshmallow from scratch, one will have nice long strips of marshmallow caramel that can be cut into squares.

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