Lauren Conrad dishes on caramel apple donuts for Halloween



Sweet & Scary Make For A Great Spooky Night

Lauren Conrad today got the Halloween fever into even more of a frenzy given that it’s just 7 days from now with a nice little donut recipe that not only caters to fall taste as a whole, but put a little Halloween flavor into it.

It’s caramel apple donuts that goes in many ways however one wants to go about it, if one likes granny smith apples, then donuts mixed with green food coloring, or if one’s desiring a red delicious apple, then go with red food coloring, but remember to use real apples in the recipe no matter which way one goes.

Let’s not forget the caramel topping that make this apple recipe exist in the first place, but it doesn’t just have to caramel one can add, one can add all types of small yummy candies, along with a few edible eyeballs to for that Halloween theme.

Halloween Going To The Dogs

Today’s Tuesday Ten from Lauren Conrad’s gang include their picks for what they feel are the best costumes for one’s puppies and/ or dogs to where while out trick or treating, or partying for the big day next Tuesday.

There are many cute options to choose from, like going as a whole pizza pie, a flamingo, a cactus, a lumberjack god, a krewe lion mane, a UPS delivery driver dog, a donut and coffee pet suit, a standup ruff cat, a ram hoodie, and a DC Comics Heros and Villians.

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