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A Good Swig Is Just A Spook Away

Technically, Halloween is not until this coming Tuesday, but all the festivities begin for the scary holiday tomorrow night and Saturday night with house parties celebrations at nightclubs all around the country, so team Lauren Conrad today gets our spirits going in one small cart that’s The Halloween Bar.

The Halloween Bar Cart is an easy set up in one’s home that can be set up in a scheme, dream, and vision one desires, team LC also seeks advice from Bonjour Fete and But First, Party! for their input on The Halloween Cart.

This spooky bar cart needs all the height it can get so can have more dimension and more compartments store the wines, beers, booze, whiskies, cakes, pastries, and candies, the color scheme sets the mood depending if a pink pumpkin, an orange pumpkin, or even a black pumpkin is chosen, then add as much as you want give off more festiveness to the holiday.

Diaper Bags….. However It’s Needed

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul today gives us the load on finding the right diaper bag for when one’s baby needs to go, and properly storing it after baby goes.

Now depending on the mother, a diaper bag can be chosen if a mother wants to have every toiletry imaginable on her where she’s at to be ready, or a mother who justs wants to keep it simple because it involves too much thinking, work and style distraction to have a big diaper bag involved.

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