Lauren Conrad gives thanks to November



But First, An Ode To Halloween

It’s hard to believe, Halloween, along with October has come and gone, an entire month-long prep for costumes, carved pumpkins, parties, and candy gone in a heartbeat, where one is left to feel desolate, depressed, and hung over on November 1st, exactly comparable to January 1st, or July 5th.

But all was fun, especially when Daniel plus Lauren was up in New York Tuesday night for Halloween, getting makeup done, and going to parties like Stage 48, where all was revealed, the only thing one now must do is start all over again and get ready for Halloween 2018.

Ymmm, Let’s Talk Turkey

Yes, Lauren Conrad’s got our appetites revved up for the big turkey day that is Thanksgiving talking today about her outlook for November in her first of the month report of Letter From Lauren, where all the trimmings are served up.

Lauren confesses that this entire month will be all about Thanksgiving prep, cooking up dishes like mini pies, homemade tomato soup, appetizers and dessert, cocktails, savory dishes, and even tablescapes play a role in the food planning, and don’t forget a new tradition that’s bestowed before Thanksgiving, which is Friendsgiving.

In all the talk about food, Lauren Conrad knows better not to abandon the bread and butter that are her recipe for success, that is fashion, where Lauren will have a new batch of style tips for November, as well as a new set of pieces from LC Lauren Conrad hot off the line.

Daniel Quintanilla

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