Stage48 throws a bangin’ Halloween Party

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Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla 

Celebrate Halloween Right

On this night, nothing is off limits, especially when an entire city celebrate with you, Stage48 held the official Halloween Parade after party Tuesday night for the first time this year, sans Webster Hall, with nonstop action from the moment you walked into the space.

As yours truly checked in after 11 p.m., no dull moment existed as Stage48 was hopping, and hopping hard even at 11 p.m., as if it had been partying all night, Stage48 had 4 levels of action to keep the party going, with its own deejays on each floor.

On the first 2 levels, one master deejay ruled the scene with hot tracks on the main stage, filled with disco balls for display, and tons of confetti shot out almost every hour to inspire the party to keep going, without a stoppage until it was time to call it a night.

The third floor had a party of its own with its own deejay, and its own level of fun to accompany the encouraged drink or drinks for everyone to had, especially if you were roaming about the Stage48 noticing all the levels that you had room to play with.

But this is adult play as we speak, and the top floor not only provided a roof top, but a section to just chill out, and forget all about what’s going on, and an outdoor deck to fit the entire floor you have your friends and loved one, and the entire city to yourself.

In retrospect, Stage48 at the Cantina Rooftop did the official Halloween Parade after party justice, living up to the night of the year that everyone wants to go out, and all out, nothing short of a great time in this place, all the friendly gestures and personalities one could find on Halloween, leading up to magical moments.

Daniel Quintanilla

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