Lauren Conrad’s secret santa gifts one can’t miss on



You’ll Be On Santa’s Extra Nice List

Today, Lauren Conrad supplied her weekly Tuesday Ten with a list of gifts if you intend to be a secret santa to someone you care about, whether it’s your spouse, friend, family, or someone your dating, or someone you might be in love with.

Team Lauren starts the gift list with LC Lauren Conrad Happy Hour wine charm set, Anthropologie Marbled monogram cheese board, 17 month medium agenda in rose parade, The Little Market Blush ceremic box, and West Elm spirited slogans FEED canape plates.

Next, there is the Recover gemstone iPhone case, BKR Spiked 16-ounce silicone glass water bottle, The Little Market personalized Happy Holiday candle, Urban Outfitters Mini Cinema light box, and the incredible LC Lauren Conrad glass jewelry box, all these gifts will surely be a whimsical, as well as a gracious gift for those secret santas in your life.

They Love Doggies More Than People

Lauren Conrad’s team reaches out to animal lovers today with a gift guide that you dog, and cats of course will love you even more for, on top of the fact that you give them unconditional love throughout their dog years and 9 lives.

We start with the Furbo Dog Camera to monitor your dog 24/7, The Little Market Elephant mug, Alexzandra Fajardo Custom Pup Portrait, Urban Outfitters Deny Desert Pet Bowl, Yark Tug Toy Avocado Toast, Anthropologie Hedgehog Bristles Doormat, LC Lauren Conrad Chunky Knit Kitty Ear Beanie, Miso Handmade Croissant Catnip Toy, Design Dua Bear Dog Bed, and Yark Finley Collar.

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